Our team of licensed, Marketplace- certified agents and brokers are here to help you.  Whether you’re needing individual, family or employer-sponsored health insurance, we will help you find a plan that fits your needs and fits your budget. 
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Hello, I'm Cary Hall. Our team of, licensed, marketplace-certified agents and brokers are here to help you.  Whether you need individual, family or employer-sponsored health insurance, we will help you find a plan that fits your needs and fits your budget. We work for you — not the insurance companies – and our knowledgeable, helpful agents will be here for you throughout the enrollment process and beyond. Discover the difference an advocate can make for you!
Local: (913) 385-2224 Wichita: (316) 263-2900 Toll Free: (877) 385-2224
65+ Medicare
Do you want a Medicare supple- ment, Medicare Advantage plan or Part D RX drug plan? MORE
The marketplace is changing and costs are rising. MORE
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If you are turning 65 or you are 65 + and retiring from your place of employment and losing your group coverage, you have 90 days prior to the qualifying event (e.g. your birthday or the date of losing your coverage) and 90 days after the qualifying event to sign up for either a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement plan as guaranteed issue policies.      Continue Reading
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When you are thinking about which insurance plan to enroll in this year, you should consider a Health Savings Account (HSA) compatible plan.  Health savings accounts allow you to contribute money tax fee; the money grows tax fee; and the money is withdrawn tax free if spent on eligible medical costs.  Continue Reading
When Should I Sign Up For Medicare?
Start Saving With An HSA
HCA Midwest Health Announces Partnership With Sarah Cannon Research Institute On America’s Healthcare Advocate Show.  Guests Are Dr. Stephanie Graff And Johnathon Meyer.  Broadcast To Air May 7 Nationally.            
HCA Midwest Health Announces Partnership
It’s almost that happy time again for those of us who are chronologically challenged.  October 15 begins that golden period of open enrollment for Medicare Advantage plans across the country.  If you have Medicare Part A and Part B, then you can qualify for one of these typically low cost or zero premium plans      Continue Reading
Happy Days Are Here Again: Medicare Open Enrollment Begins October 15
Republicans in the House and Senate are increasingly talking about repairing and replacing ObamaCare as opposed to swiftly repealing and replacing.  House Speaker Ryan said the discussion of repairing the law wasn’t inconsistent with plans to repeal and replace it.  In reality, the ObamaCare law is two thousand pages of extremely complex healthcare law with over ten thousand pages of actual regulation issued by CMS, Health and Human Services, and the IRS, meaning this is no easy task and will need to be thought out and vetted thoroughly before action is taken or the unintended consequence could result in throwing the individual, family, and employer-sponsored group health insurance market into chaos.  The first thing that needs to happen is a shoring up of the individual and family health insurance market.  This year 9.4 million people enrolled in ObamaCare (that’s 450,000 less than last year) in large part due to skyrocketing premium increases like 116 percent in Arizona, 48 percent in Missouri, and 29 percent in Kansas.  Another contributing factor was United, Aetna, Humana, and Cigna abandoning many individual and family health insurance markets across the country resulting in only one carrier willing to supply coverage (usually Blue Cross and Blue Shield). The GOP wants to steady the individual and family health insurance market to improve access, bring carriers back into the marketplace, and lower premiums.  The Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tom Price, is expected to use the authority President Trump authorized in his executive order on ObamaCare to close loop holes that allow people to game the system obtaining coverage after they are already sick but not signing up during open enrollment.  Other ideas being discussed in both the House and Senate include direct block grants to the state which could reduce costs from the current 20 billion for ObamaCare to 16 billion and allow states to tailor plans to their population’s needs.  Additionally, the 21st Century Cures Act signed by President Obama on December 13 is already in place and could give employers with less than 50 employees more flexibility in the marketplace and would allow them to implement HRA (Health Reimbursement Accounts) for group health insurance giving employers a defined contribution model.  President Trump and Republicans in the House and Senate know they need to get this right and not come out of the gate with something that is ill thought out and badly implemented in the individual, family, and employer/group health insurance marketplace.  They also seek to give relief to employers from the more onerous regulations and taxes imposed under ObamaCare.  Anticipate changes between now and April but don’t expect a complete repeal and replace until the fall of this year, maybe even later. Cary Hall America’s Healthcare Advocate
The Repeal, Replacement, And Repair of ObamaCare